Xbox expands ‘Vapor’ line with special edition ‘Nocturnal Vapor’ controller

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Xbox is releasing a special edition wireless controller called ‘Nocturnal Vapor,’ with a design inspired by nature at night.

Nocturnal Vapor features a smoky design, with contrasting dark and light green colours in a swirling design. Notably, each Nocturnal Vapor controller has a unique pattern.

Like other Xbox controllers, it also includes rubberized, green diamond-pattern grips on the back to improve grip.

Users can enjoy gaming on the controller for upwards of 40 hours (depending on factors like usage) and from multiple locations using Bluetooth. The controller connects to the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC, iOS, and Android devices.

Users can connect their headphones to the controller with a 3.5mm audio plug-in jack to hear their game or chat with friends.

Speaking of friends, the Nocturnal Vapor lets you share clips with friends using the dedicated share button. Another feature is using Xbox’s accessories app to revamp the controller and create custom controller profiles for games.

Nocturnal Vapor is part of the Vapor series, which houses the StormCloud Vapor and Dream Vapor controllers. Nocturnal Vapor is available for preorder now on Xbox’s Canada website for $79.99 CAD and will release on Apil 9th.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft via The Verge

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