Why do Pixels now get 7 years of updates? Google explains in new podcast episode.

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Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

In a new episode of the Made by Google podcast, a Google VP explains why the Pixel 8 series now gets seven years of software support.
Interestingly, the company looked at how long the original Pixel stayed in active use, and seven years was the number it came away with.
Google also explains how Tensor made the new update commitment possible.

Earlier today, Google surprised us all by confirming that Gemini Nano support (i.e., on-device generative AI features) will come to the Pixel 8 after previously saying it would only come to the Pixel 8 Pro. That announcement came during a Made by Google podcast episode. But that’s not the only thing Google divulged during the episode (h/t 9to5Google).

Seang Chau, a VP at Google, talked at length about various aspects of the Pixel ecosystem. One tidbit divulged related to one of the biggest bits of news with the launch of the Pixel 8 series, which was that Google would support them for seven whole years. As it turns out, choosing seven years of time wasn’t arbitrary. It actually was a deliberate choice based on, of all things, the very first Google Pixel. Here’s Chau on it:

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