Virgin Plus axes $34/50GB plan, rolls out new, pricier plans

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Bell’s Virgin Plus killed off some of its ongoing deals, like the $34/50GB plan, and rolled out new options that (unsurprisingly) aren’t as good.

Previously, Virgin had two plan options for customers bringing their own devices. There was the $34/mo 50GB 4G plan mentioned above and a $50/mo 60GB 5G plan. Both offered unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, unlimited international messaging sent from Canada and capped the quality of video streamed over Virgin’s network to 480p.

Virgin’s new plans are as follows:

$55/mo 60GB 5G
$50/mo 40GB 4G
$45/mo 20GB 4G
$40/mo 10GB 4G
$39/mo 3GB 3G

While Virgin now has several more plans available, none of them are as good as what it previously offered. Notably, the 60GB 5G plan now costs $5/mo more than before, with no additional benefit added.

On the 4G side, Virign now has plans at $40, $45 and $50/mo price points, but none of them offer as much data as the old $34/mo plan. More egregious is the $39/mo 3GB 3G plan, which costs $5/mo more and offers 47GB less data, and at slow 3G speeds.

Virgin’s 5G plans offer speeds up to 250Mbps. 4G plans go up to 150Mbps and 3G plans can hit speeds of up to 3.1Mbps.

You can view Virgin’s plans here.

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