Samsung might release a Galaxy Z Fold 6 ‘Ultra’ in South Korea this year

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Rumours about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 have been circulating for the past several weeks, but we’re now learning about a possible ‘Ultra’ model foldable.

This goes alongside the rumours of Samsung releasing a more affordable model, which can be considered the ‘budget’ model. 

According to Galaxy Club, the device has the model number ‘SM-F958,’ and the ‘8’ at the end of it matches the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s SM-S928 model number, according to the publication. The upcoming regular Z Fold 6 sports ‘SM-F956’ as its model number.

However, the leak also indicates that the Fold Ultra might only launch in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. Galaxy Club can’t yet confirm whether the handset is launching in Europe and the U.S. or other markets.

Rumours indicate the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will launch in July, so we’ll soon learn whether these leaks are true or fake. The Galaxy Z Flip 6, the Galaxy Ring and potentially an upcoming Galaxy Watch are launching alongside the Z Fold 6 this summer.

Source: Galaxy Club

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