More audiobooks are coming to Spotify Premium in Canada

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Spotify has revealed that more audiobooks are coming to Spotify Premium subscribers in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

The streaming platform says the new feature gives subscribers access to 15 hours of monthly listening time from a catalogue that includes more than 250,000 audiobooks, an increase from the 150,000 the feature launched with back in 2023 (in total, Spotify’s store has “over 350,000” audiobooks).

Back in 2023, Spotify launched audiobooks in the same regions, offering 150,000 audiobooks and 15 hours of listening per month, alongside premium purchases.

Canadians can top-up with an additional 10-hour allocation for $14.99. Audiobooks on Spotify range widely in price from roughly $18 – $33. Spotify Premium costs $10.99/month for an individual plan.

Image credit: Spotify

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