iPhone 12 users can enjoy faster wireless charging with iOS 17.4 update

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Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

With iOS 17.4, the iPhone 12 appears to have gained the ability to charge at full 15W speeds using non-MagSafe Qi2 chargers.
Previously, non-MagSafe chargers were limited to 7.5W charging speeds.
iPhone 13 and newer models have already received support for Qi2 charging with the iOS 17.2 update.

While Apple hasn’t officially confirmed it, the recent iOS 17.4 update seems to have quietly brought a feature from the latest iPhones to the iPhone 12.

A new report by Macworld indicates that the iPhone 12 can now achieve full 15W wireless charging speeds when used with non-MagSafe Qi2 magnetic chargers — a feature previously assumed to be reserved for newer iPhone models.

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