I tested the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s terrible camera shutter lag and found a simple fix

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes

About a month ago, I was attending MWC 2024 and I’d just gotten out of an FC Barcelona game. I was loitering around the Montjuic area when I decided to snap photos of the museum behind the Font Majica with my Galaxy S24 Ultra while the football crowds were dispersing. And I noticed something odd. For every good photo I would get, there were two or three bad shots with random people in them.

I was sure I was timing my shots perfectly, just like I always do with my Pixel phones. But almost every time I thought I had a clean photo without any crowds passing in front of the cam, well, I did… not. There was a face, a head, a bit of hair in the final image — just something to ruin the snap. This was not supposed to happen with one of the best camera phones out there, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra was clearly slow.

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