How to get back to desktop on Windows PC

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When multiple applications are open on your Microsoft Windows computer, depending on the amount, it will sometimes be difficult for you to minimize each window to get back to Microsoft Windows desktop. This post provides three easy steps to help get back to desktop in Microsoft Windows. All the methods in this post will get you directly to your Windows desktop.

01 The easiest way to get back to Windows desktop is to press Windows key and D key at the same time, use the same keys to go back to the open windows. This method is the one that I have often used because I always have several windows open on my computer.

get back to desktop in Windows

02 Go to the bottom right of the screen, then click on the small rectangle at the end of the screen. To return to your open application windows, click in the same place.

get back to desktop in Windows

03 Right click an empty area on the Windows taskbar, and then click Show the desktop.

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