Check out Mophie’s new Qi2 wireless charging accessories

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Smartphone accessory company Mophie has launched a new Qi2 wireless charging options that offer Apple’s MagSafe and mounting features.

The Snap Plus Wireless Charging Vent Mount features a secure way to charge a smartphone, offering built-in magnets compatible with MagSafe devices. For charging, Qi2-compatible iOS and Android devices can reach charging speeds of 15W.

The device is mountable in cars and provides an easy charging option at home or in the office. The Snap Plus Wireless Charging Vent Mount costs $59.95 and is available online at select retailers, including Today’s Shopping Choice, The Mobile Shop, and Atlantia.

Mophie is also releasing two other wireless charging options on April 30th, including the 3-1 in Wireless Charging Vent Mount and Snap Plus Powerstation Mini with Stand.

The 3-1 in Wireless Charging Vent Mount simultaneously provides 15W Qi2 wireless charging for Apple iPhones and AirPods, with a magnetic charger for the Apple Watch. A 3-1 charger allows for more space and less hassle for using three chargers regularly.

According to Mophie’s site, the vent mount includes an adjustable head for viewing a phone at certain angles and charging in portrait or landscape mode. The wireless charger costs $129.95.

As for the Snap Plus Powerstation Mini with Stand, it features a sleek and compact design, giving compatible Qi2 devices a 15W charging speed with an internal battery of 5,000mAh.

The battery power station is rechargeable with a USB-C port, or users can connect their phones using the USB-C port. It features a kickstand to make using a phone while charging easier and includes a portrait and landscape mode. The Snap Plus Powerstation Mini with Stand costs $69.95.

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