Android 15 features: Everything you need to know about confirmed and leaked features

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Android 14 was publicly launched with the Pixel 8 series back in October 2023. We’re a few months into the new year, and Google has begun testing the next version of Android, now up to the second Android 15 Developer Preview. This is still only intended for developer use, but things are coming along. Still, it gives us a good look at what to expect in the next major release to the Android platform.

Android 15: Name and release date

Google used to name Android versions with dessert codenames, but it strayed away from that tradition with the release of Android 10, where it decided to stick with only the version number for all future releases. So Android 15 is simply known as Android 15. However, Google still uses the dessert codenames internally. Android 15’s internal codename is Vanilla Ice Cream.

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