AIoT and MWC Barcelona 2024

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In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights, joins Ryan Chacon to discuss the intersection between IoT and AI and insights from recent industry events including MWC Barcelona 2024 and Channel Partners. The conversation covers the growing interplay between IoT and AI, MWC highlights, including the role of generative AI and operational uses of AI in telecom, 5G’s evolving landscape, eSIM technology advancements, IoT channel partners, and regulations and compliance in IoT and AI.

About Matt Hatton

Matt Hatton is a Founding Partner at Transforma Insights. He is a well-respected commentator and technology industry expert with 25 years of experience at the cutting edge of technology research and consulting. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of Machina Research, which was acquired by Gartner in 2016. Prior to Machina Research, Matt was a technology industry analyst, working at firms such as Analysys Mason and Yankee Group. Matt holds an MSc in Telecoms from University College London.

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About Transforma Insights

Transforma Insights is a leading research firm focused on the world of IoT, AI, and Digital Transformation. Led by seasoned technology industry analysts, they provide advice, recommendations, and decision support tools for organizations seeking to understand how new technologies will change the markets in which they operate.

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:

(00:40) Introduction to Matt Hatton and Transforma Insights

(02:09) AIoT and MWC Barcelona 2024

(08:06) The reality of AI: beyond the buzzwords

(11:30) Exploring the IoT ecosystem and IoT channel partners

(16:04) Navigating the IoT industry: challenges and opportunities

(18:54) Looking ahead: key trends and expectations for IoT

(30:04) Learn more and follow up

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