13 Attitudes That A Great Employees Would Have

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I recently had a conversation with executives at Chipotle, a fast-growing company in the Food industry about how they recruit. Works out that they look for candidates who have 13 specific attitudes, even for jobs that aren’t customer-facing like IT, Viet Nam software outsourcing, and Vietnam software services.

When I saw their list of attitudes, I realized immediately that those were attitudes that every boss wants in every employee, and every coworker wants from their peers. Here’s the list, with my interpretation of each attribute:

Conscientious. Great employees complete tasks without being asked or overseen. They take personal responsibility for finishing the task and finishing it right.
Respectful. Great employees have too much self-respect to kowtow to authority, nevertheless, they respect and appreciate the contribution of their bosses and leaders.
Hospitable. Great employees welcome the ability to work with coworkers and customers and express that welcome with words and actions.
High Energy. Great employees don’t depend upon managers or coworkers to “pump them up.” They bring their “best game” to anything that they do.
Infectiously Enthusiastic. Great employees are optimists, they search for the great in a situation and they seldom complain about what they can’t change.
Happy. Great employees take responsibility for their own happiness. They realize that happiness comes from the way you see the entire world, not what are the results in the world.
Presentable. Great employees don’t need to be told that it’s inappropriate showing up for work looking such as a slob or a slattern. They dress appropriately at all times.
Smart. Great employees don’t have to be Einstein, but they have to know how to utilize the intelligence they’ve got to contribute the entire effort.
Polite. Great employees understand that rude behavior is selfish and stupid and that common courtesy is the greatest way to have along with coworkers and customers.
Motivated. Great employees don’t need carrots and sticks to have them moving. They’re committed to doing well at their job, regardless of the job.
Ambitious. Great employees desire to grow, which in operation means growing into new responsibilities and new levels of authority.
Curious. Great employees wish to know the “why” behind the “what.” They seek to comprehend people, technology, and ideas beyond their surface characteristics.
Honest. Great employees don’t need Big Brother staring over their shoulders simply because they do the best thing even if nobody is watching.

Source: S3 Tech Blog

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